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A serious personal injury can disrupt your daily life, making it impossible to work and earn a living as you attempt to recover. Serious injuries can lead to the need for ongoing medical care and treatment and other financial and personal difficulties.

When your injury was caused by another party’s act of negligence, you have the right to pursue full compensation. At Gruber Law Offices, we are one of the top rated personal injury law firms in Milwaukee and we’re prepared to move into action for you at once.

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Serious burns are very difficult to treat, and often require many months of medical care, several surgeries, skin grafts, and other treatments.

Advances in medical science have improved the ability to recover from burns and avoid serious infections, but unfortunately, they often lead to permanent scarring that affects your appearance and mobility.

Medical malpractice occurs when mistakes or errors are made by healthcare providers, whether they are doctors, clinics, or hospitals. Malpractice can occur at any step of the medical care process: diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, or healthcare management.

A bone fracture is a serious injury. Depending upon the type of fracture, it may take months of recovery to heal. Fractures that have broken the skin may require surgical intervention. The injured person may never again have full mobility in the affected limb.

Many pet owners do not take the time to properly train their dogs, or may have chosen an animal with aggressive tendencies. Children are especially prone to serious or fatal bites if the dog becomes aggressive.

The back is a complex system involving nerves, muscles and bones. A serious back injury will frequently require surgery, and the person is often left struggling to live with terrible pain, loss of mobility or permanent impairments.

To date, there is no treatment that can resolve torn spinal cord nerve systems, and the individual may face permanent impairments, such as paraplegia or quadriplegia.

You place your loved one in a nursing home in the hopes that they will be treated with quality medical care and compassion, free from harm. Unfortunately, we have seen a staggering numbers of nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Your elderly family member may suffer financial, physical, emotional or sexual abuse at the hands of their caretakers.

The loss of a limb is a life-changing personal injury, and there will be many future challenges to overcome. There will be a significant change in level of physical ability and how the individual is able to function in life in the future.

A catastrophic personal injury may include a spinal cord injury leading to partial or full paralysis, or a traumatic brain injury leading to impairments in motor skills and cognitive ability. Severe burns, loss of senses such as eyesight or hearing and amputations and other injuries are also so serious that the injured individual will be dealing with the consequences for a lifetime.

A medication that has been approved by the FDA is expected to be safe for patients, with all health risks disclosed. Unfortunately, many medications are later found to have serious or even deadly side effects. The drug may eventually be recalled, or the FDA may require the company to include a “black box” warning. A failure to warn of the dangers of a medication that subsequently injures a patient is a serious personal injury matter that should be addressed by a legal professional.

A slip and fall is one of the most common personal injury cases, and serious arm, back, hip or head injuries may be the result. Slip and fall cases should be reviewed by an experienced attorney.

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At Gruber Law Offices, LLC, we have talented personal injury lawyers who handle personal injury cases of all types. One call to our firm is all it takes to get our legal team fighting on your behalf, including 16 attorneys and numerous paralegals, legal assistants, a field investigation team, and other support staff.

Our founder and CEO, David Gruber, has been listed in Top 100 Trial Lawyers, an invitation-only group made up of the peer-recognized trial lawyers in each state. Attorney Gruber has compiled a top-notch team of lawyers that have very prestigious awards, affiliations, and memberships. Our team of personal injury lawyers have been honored by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America, the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America- 40 under 40, Super Lawyers, Wisconsin Leaders in the Law, Litigation Counsel of America.

Our car accident attorneys have successfully handled auto crash cases for many years and believe that we can assist you through this trying time.

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I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Gruber Law Offices. From the moment I made the first phone call to them, they were reassuring, courteous, and attentive. The attorney and paralegal assigned to me were always available, and if they weren’t they always returned my call within a timely manner. My attorney worked hard for me and he did his absolute best to get me more than I even expected my settlement to be. I would definitely recommend Gruber Law Offices. They truly stand behind “One call that’s all!”

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